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Massage supports healing by helping clients shift from a sympathetic response to a parasympathetic response (relaxation). Stress associated with injury, whether from pain, physical reactions, or emotional responses, diverts energy and resources away from the repair processes. An Asian Massage helps get your alignment back in tune and start healing. Our Massage Team is excited to help you!
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An Asian massage sometimes called an Oriental massage, is a type of massage therapy intended to relieve pain and tension through strategic pressure and touch. Our Massage team is highly trained in several modalities and each member has a specialty that they excel with. Communication is key to a great experience so don’t be shy to tell us where you need relief from stress. 
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Therapeutic massage is a general term that describes any type of massage modality that helps relieve pain, reduce stress, and work on a specific problem. Just like Las Vegas, our Asian massage therapist team is available day and night 24 hour & 7 days a week to meet your demanding schedule. 

Our Las Vegas In Room Massage can be booked 24 hours a day to your Hotel room.


Our Team

Kelly has been practicing Asian massage for 3 years and joined our team 1 year ago. She brings a wide variety of massage modalities to the table and always listens to the customer's needs.


Zoe Has been with our team since the beginning. She has been practicing Asian massage for 12 years. Zoe loves getting to know each client and understanding their massage needs. Her massage modalities are practiced and current. Zoe often teaches our new Team members to make sure we always meet your expectations.


Emma has been practicing Asian massage for 1 year and recently finished training under Zoe. We are excited to add her to our team and to feature her on our homepage. Emma is very talented, loves her work, and wants to continue to grow her massage modalities and meet our customer's massage goals.

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